What’s your Social Media Policy?

Everyday thousands are joining in Social Media. This is anything from your employees with their own Social Media agenda to your business.

As I have said before you should be thinking about Social Media, whether you want to activity run with it or not. One sure thing, your competition is.

But right now I’m thinking do you have a Social Media policy for your business and employees. Today I read an article on it and in it lawyer Ed Harold, a partner at Fisher & Phillips was quoted as saying “We recommend that all employers adopt social-media policies, because if you don’t in advance notify your employers of what’s appropriate or inappropriate behavior, later on it’s harder to hold them accountable for behavior you didn’t like.”

As related in that article there are three things that employers do need to be aware in accordance with National Labor Relations Board laws:

1) Employers cannot restrict anyone from commenting on his or her work life.
2) Employers can make sure employees sign confidentiality provisions.
3) Employees can’t lie.

Full text of the article can be found at:


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