Things to Know About Web Sites

Have one.
It’s been said here as well as many other places, every business should have some type of Web presence. For some they may not want or need a full featured site but just a listing with the basic Who you are, What items or services you provide, Where you operate and How to contact.

Content is the most important element in a website.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing environment and no one other than those developing the Search Engines know the formula for getting to the top. There are basic steps to making a Web site friendly to search engines such as adding description and some key words to meta tags and giving each page an accurate title based on its content. Content is key. Content is text since Search Engines do not see text within graphics.

Keep your website up-to-date.
Nothing will turn off a viewer more than a Web site that has old and out dated information. Making changes to your Web site not only gives returning visitors a reason to come back, it gives Search Engines a reason review your pages.

Expensive doesn’t make it good.
Every Web site developer has their own idea of what makes a good site. Some think that the flasher the better while others may think a plain black on white site is good enough. Your Web site is part of your company image and should relate your image to the visitors.

A Web site is part of the Marketing Plan.

Do you have marketing materials? It’s not a bad idea to base a site on these materials so that you have a common visual element to your customers. If a potential client has a piece of printed advertising and the Web site is vastly different than the printed material, that possible customer may think they’ve gone to some one else. When printed materials have a drastic change it could also time to change the Web site.

They will not come unless they know about it.

Too many times businesses will create a Web site and then let it sit idle. Place the Web address in all marketing materials including the business card, invoices, letter head and envelopes.

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