Text Messaging Codes

Do you Text Message? Does others in your organization? Here is a list of many of the common text messaging codes.

10Q — Thank You
1DAY — One day
1ON1 — One on one
1NC — Once

2 — To/Two/Too
2DAY — Today
2bctnd — To be continued.
2d4 — To die for
2g4u — To good for you
2l8 — Too late
2MORO — Tomorrow
2NITE — Tonight
2WIMC — To whom it may concern

3 8 1 — Three words, eight letters, one meaning (I Love You)

4 — For
4e — Forever
4gv — Forgive
4gvn — Forgiven
4yeo — For your eyes only

7K – Sick

8 – Ate
8ball – Eightball

911 — Emergency, call me

AAMOF – As a matter of fact.
AFAIC – As far as I’m concerned.
AFAIK – As far as I know.
AFK – Away from keyboard.
Alwz – Always
ASL – Age, sex, location
ASAP – As soon as possible.
ATB – All the best.
ATK – At the keyboard.
ATM – At the moment.
AWHFY – Are we having fun yet?
A3 – Anytime, anywhere, anyplace

B – Be.
B4 – Before.
B4N – Bye for now.
BAK – Back at keyboard.
(B)B4N or (B)BFN – (Bye) Bye for now.
BBIAB – Be back in a bit.
BBL – Be back later.
BBS – Be back soon.
BCNU – Be seeing you.
BF – Boyfriend.
BFz4evr – Best friends forever
BHL8 – Be home late.
BIL – Boss is listening
BION – Believe it or not.
Bn – Been
BOL – Best of luck
BRT – Be right there.
BTW – By the way.

C – See.
CM – Call me.
CU – See you
CUBL8R – Call you back later.
CU@ – See you at
CYA – See you around, See ya
CMi –Call me
CMON – Come On
CUB L8R – Call you back later
CUL8R – See you later
CYR BOS – Call Your Boss
CYR BRO – Call your brother
CYR H – Call your husband
CYR MA – Call your mother
CYR OFIS – Call your office
CYR PA – Call your father
CYR SIS – Call your sister
CYR WF – Call your wife

DK – Don’t know.
DNR – Dinner
doN – Doing
Dur? – Do you remember?
D8 – Date.

E2eg – Ear to ear grin
EOD – End of discussion
EOL – End of lecture
EVRY1 – Everyone
EZY – Easy
EZ – Easy

FAQ – Frequently asked questions
FC – Fingers crossed
F2F – Face to face
F2T – Free to talk
F? – Friends?
FITB – Fill in the blank
FOMCL – Fell out of my chair laughing
FYEO – For your eyes only
FYA – For your amusement
FYI – For your information
F2F – Face to face
F2T – Free to talk
FWIW – For what it’s worth.

GAL — Get a life
GF – Girlfirend
GG – Good game
GMeSumLuvin – Give me some lovin’!
GMTA – Great minds think alike
GSOH – Good salary, own home
GTSY – Glad to see you
GUDLUK – Good luck
GR8 – Great!
G9 — Genius
G1 – Good one.
G2G – Got to go.

IAE – In any event.
IBK – Idiot behind keyboard.
IC – I see.
ICQ – I seek you.
IDK – I don’t know.
ILU – I love you.
IML8 – I’m late.
IMTNG – In meeting.
IOW – In other words.
IOU – I owe you.
IRL – In real life.
IYSS – If you say so.

JAM – Just a minute.
JTLYK – Just to let you know.
J4F – Just for fun.

KHYF – Know how you feel.
KWIM – Know what I mean?

L8R – Later.
LDR – Long distance relationship.
LMHO – Laughing my head off.
LOL – Laugh out loud.
LTNS – Long time no see.
LTNT – Long time, no type/text.
LUV – Love.
LYLAS – Love you like a sister.

M8 – Mate.
MEGO – My eyes glaze over.
MTE — My thoughts exactly.
MTFBWY – May the force be with you.
MYOB – Mind your own business.

NETHNG – Anything.
NMHO – In my humble opinion.
NO1 – No one.
NP – No problem.
NRN – NO reply necessary.
NTW – Not to worry.

OIC – Oh, I see.
OMG – Oh my God.
OTOH – On the other hand.
OTT — Over the top.

PCM – Please call me.
PITB – Pain in the butt.
PLS – Please.
PLZ4GVME – Please forgive me.
PRL – Parents are listening.
PRT – Party.
PUKS – Pick up kids.

QT – Cutie.

R – Are.
RGDS – Regards.
RNGL8 – Running late.
RLR – Earlier.
ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing.
RTM – Read the manual.
RUCMNG – Are you coming?
RUOK – Are you OK?

SK8 – Skate.
SK8R – Skater.
SPK – Speak.
SUM1 – Someone.
SWIM – See what I mean?
SYS – See you soon.

TAFN – That’s all for now.
THNQ – Thank you.
THX – Thanks.
TMB – Text me back.
TTFN – Ta ta for now.
TTUL – Talk to you later.
TTTT – To tell the truth.
TTYL – Talk to you later.
TVM – Thanks very much.

U – You.
UI! – You idiot
UOK – You OK?
U2 – You too.
U4E – Yours forever.
UR – Your

W — With
WAN2 – Want to?
WB – Welcome back.
WE – Whatever
WKEND – Weekend
WOA – Work of art.
WOT – What?
WRU – Where are you?
WTH – What the Heck
WTG – Way to go!
WUF — Where are you from?
W8 – Wait.
W84ME – Wait for me.

XLNT – Excellent
XOXO – Hugs and kisses.

YKWIM – You know what I mean?

Revised on March 6, 2010 – Added codes.

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what does i[2]y mean
i know something with cancer but what?

From what I can find it stands for I’m To Young for this and is used by a Cancer Foundation by the same name.

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