Socal Media is a form of Networking

In my opinion Social Media is a form of networking. I don’t know whether anyone else has that same opinion, but it is mine.

As with any type of networking you get what you put into it. Have you ever come out of a Networking Event and felt that you got nothing out of it?

Did it seem that all you did was enjoy the food, beverages and company of those you already knew?

If that was the case you probably did come out with the feeling that nothing had been gained.

In Social Media some are doing something very similar. They have created a Facebook page, a Twitter Account and possibly even a LinkedIn account.

But after creation they have done nothing. This is like going to the Networking function and enjoying the food and beverage. Satisfying at the time, but short lasting.

It’s the interaction with others both at the Networking function and with Social Media where you will enjoy an extended benefit.

In your social media give useful and interesting information not just an advertising blurb. It’s thought that you should keep your advertising conversations in Social Media to around 30% of your interactions.

Don’t ignore or try to remove critical comments. Engage them in a dialogue to discover the reasons. It’s possible that after an exchange both you and the one who gave the criticism may come to a common ground.

Social Media like networking is a conversation and the best gains are made by interactions by both parties and not one.

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