Picking Your Domain Name

Amazingly I find that many small businesses still do not have an online presence and some of those who do are using shared sites such as weebly, BraveNet and Yola.

Having your own Domain Name is best.

Unless you have an unusual business name it’s quite possible that you may not be able to register the exact name of you business as your Domain Name. And that may also not be the right path. Web sites are developed using Key Words and having some of these in your Domain Name could help with search engine ratings.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a Domain Name.

Keep It Simple
Your domain name should be catchy and easy to remember. You don’t want to use hyphens and even though at one time I used the number 4 instead of ‘For’, using numbers aren’t advisable. Nor are misspellings. But do use misspellings if it’s a part of your business name.

Make It Part of Your Identity
Do you have a marketing catch phrase? You may want to consider using it as your Domain Name. But follow the above advice and keep it short and simple. It’s best to use four or less words and around fifteen letters, but less than 20.

Use the Correct Extension
For businesses in the United States the best extension to use is still .com. It will probably remain that way for a time into the future. A newer extension being used for business is .biz, but most people may still type in .com instead and be directed to someplace else.

Don’t be Afraid to Register More Than One Extension
When registering a .com domain it may be a good idea to also register the .biz and .info. At one time I would have said to register .net, but this domain name seems to be falling out of favor. But to be safe, register it as well.

Use this chart to better understand the different types of domain name extensions.

.Com – company/commercial, but it can pretty much be used for any website.
.Net – network and is habitually used for a network of sites.
.Org – organization and is meant to be for non-profit entities.
.Us, .Nu, .Co, .Uk, – Are country specific domain extensions that may require the registrant to be a national of the said country.
.Biz, .Info – These and other like them are domain extensions that have been added as there are barely any little and plain domain addresses left to apply for.
.xxx – Need I explain.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that could benefit by having a Domain Name. Do you blog? Part of a hobby group? or Organization? A Web Presence can help with communicating information about just about anything and everything.

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