Invoices wrong? – Be careful on how you pay.

It’s not unusual for telecommunications invoices to have errors. It is for that reason that they should be checked each month before payment is made. TEM (Technology Expense Management) vendors are always using that as a marketing tool to do it for you. As a Technology Consultant, I too believe this.

One of the items that can be added to an invoice is Third-Party billing. This is when a company is allowed to pass charges onto your local provider bills. This could be for a club membership or other add-on services.

A lot of third-party billing is fraudulent. Important to note, the local provider does not have any responsibility or liability for third-party charges and third-party billers must be contacted directly for billing resolution. Many local providers will allow you to place third-party biller block on your account. It’s advisable to do so.

Knowing this you shouldn’t simply short pay your invoices. Many vendors require written notification of disputed charges and authorization allowing short payment of amounts due. Sometimes it is even easier to pay the full invoice amount and request a refund for those incorrect charges. Any delay could give the vendor a reason to assess late charges.

Proper documentation can and usually will protect you. Short payment of invoices may look as non-payment and late charges can be assessed on those amounts. Should at some time disconnection be threatened, the correct documentation gives a paper trail that can be used to substantiate your actions.

You want to always only pay for the correct amount, but big telecommunication companies also want to receive payment for services they believe were provided.

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