How Important is Technology to Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether the business is one that is highly visible to the public, such as a retail establishment or a not for profit venue, or one that is never seen by the public. One thing for certain, it’s sure to use some type of technology.

There are many different forms of technology. It can be the telephone or the computer sitting on the desk. The cell phone or an other hand held device. Common use equipment like the printer, copier or fax machine. There is invisible technology, such as low energy lighting, or timers for these lights, or the HVAC system.

In today’s business environment, it’s doubtful that any business doesn’t have some piece of technology that it uses regularly. If not every day. Some just use technology more than others.

When the question ‘How important is technology to your business?’ is asked, the answer is; ‘It depends”.

For a retail establishment technology used may be little. The cash register, the telephone and an Internet Web site may be all that is needed.

For those who spend most of their business day on the telephone, making sales calls, or working at the computer, technology is critical part of their business.

The one thing to always remember about technology is it’s just a tool to assist you in getting your work done. Having technology in your office or on your person is no different than a carpenter with his hammer. It’s just a tool to do the job.

You may have the newest greatest piece of software or the new cellphone or the fastest computer. But it may not really matter. Having the wrong technology to do the job is just as bad as a carpenter trying to drive a nail with a screwdriver. It may be able to be done, but it takes a lot longer. The worst part is having the right tool and not knowing how to use it. Or believing you know how to use it and not using it correctly.

Here are a couple of things to consider when evaluating or purchasing any new technology.

Understand the need and the product enough to be able to make an informed decision. Having a slick salesperson tell you that the product will improve your business may not be enough information to make that decision. Sometimes it may pay to have an impartial expert come in to evaluate the needs and benefits.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase, make sure that the user, whether it’s you or your office staff, has the training to use the product to its best benefits. You don’t have to have each member of your staffed trained by the expert trainer. You can always train the trainer. That is train the person on your staff who will be using it the most then have that person train the rest.

If you always remember that technology is a tool and that you need to know how to use it, for it to be productive, the money that you spend will never appear to be wasted.

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