How important are your contacts?

For many their life blood is based on their contacts and their telephone numbers. Where do you have those numbers stored? If it’s only on your cell phone it’s probably a good idea to back-up those numbers.

In an article by Grace Aquino of PC World, she gives good advice on how this can be done on various carriers and model of handsets. The article can be found here.

Cellphones are probably the most oftened replaced item of electronics for a business. There are a number of reason for it, among them are New Features that are valuable, lost or damaged. It’s handy to know that it’s not impossible to quickly move those 200+ contacts on your present phone to a new one. Time is valuable and manually entering those contacts takes time.

But there’s always the fact that many of those old contacts are just no good and to not have them reentered may not be a bad idea. Only you can make that choice. At least there is a choice for you.

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