Getting Social

Are you part of Social Media?
If not you probably ought to be considering it. One of the quickest ways for a businesses to lose customers or worst not gain new ones is to not look current. And to be current in today’s business environment is to be somewhat active in Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter. A newer one and one that is picking up steam is Pinterest.

It doesn’t take much time to become active in Social Media, but one thing is that you can’t just put up a Facebook page or open a Twitter account and not keep it active. An old Facebook page will have some thinking that you may not be in business.

You may not want to don’t trust your Social Media to Interns. Too many times stories have been told of Interns creating the Social Media logins and not to give the passwords when they leave.

Keep the content current. One twitter account I happen to follow had an automatic tweet set up for an announce an upcoming event. One that occurred over a month ago. Automatic tweets are acceptable, although I would prefer that you simply keep active and be social a few minutes a couple of times each day.

Of prime importance to keep in mind when you become social is that the idea of Social Media is to connect with others. And like any other relationship it takes time and plenty of work. But don’t be afraid to try it. In the end it’ll be to your advantage.

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