Do They Know Your Web Address?

A few years ago the question was, “Do I need a website?” While there was a time it was considered an added feature, in today’s business climate, it should be considered a necessity.

The question today should be; ‘Do they know my website’s out there?’

Anyone who goes under the impression, “build it and they will come” is mistaken. It seems as if everyone has a website and there are thousands being built each day. If no one knows it’s there, no one will go to it.

A simple search engine search won’t always get results. There are so many sites that are being parked with the sole purpose of generating an income through Internet marketing, using marketing tools such as Google’s adsense, that many times the top listings of a search are these pages. Your business site may not show up until the 3rd or lower page.

Don’t be taken by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketers who claim they can take your site to the top of searches. While there are SEO practices that can help, one of the best is to have good and reliable content. Many of SEO marketers will not give you a good or clear return on investment

One of the things that you can do to generate traffic is while marketing your business also market you website.

Would you put out marketing materials without your address or telephone number?

Consider your website address just as important as your telephone number and address. Depending on the type of business or the nature of your leads, it may even be more important.

Be sure that the website appears on all marketing literature and business promotions. It should be in the same font and size as the telephone number. Do not make it smaller or stick it in a corner. Larger and Bold could actually be better since many will want to review your Web site and research your business before they pick up the phone to give you a call.

Place the Web address on your business cards, brochures, letterhead and even the envelopes.

Mention the address whenever you can. If you say your business name, follow it with your website address. A website address, especially one that is derived from your business name, is easier to remember than a telephone number.

As important as having your website listed in off-line marketing, it’s also important to use it whenever you can on-line. Yes people may be visiting your website, but it’s not a bad idea to have the web address listed on each page. You’ll never know when someone might print the page and pass it along to another.

If you are active in on-line discussion groups, even if they aren’t related to your core business, list your website in the signature line. While groups may not allow advertising in a discussion, many do not consider adding the web address in your signature line as a problem.

And most of all, don’t forget to add it to your email signature.

The more places the address appears the more likely it’ll be for someone to be able to find you.

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