How to Save Money on Telecomunications

After electric and fuel costs, one of the biggest cost to do business is through communications. It’s nearly impossible for a business to survive today without using telephones and a connection to the Internet. But these services aren’t cheap and it’s not hard for them to become out of control. There are ways to control […]

VoIP and IP Security

A VoIP system could face the same type of problems as the data network. This includes VoIP versions of spam, phishing, and denial of service attacks. These attacks could take down the network and telephone system for hours. Calls could be intercepted divulging company secrets or client information. The threats to a VoIP system are […]

Questions to ask when considering VoIP

It may at first seem natural to move to VoIP. It seems as if everyone is saying it’s the way to go. But there are some things to consider before making the move. How robust is your network? With VoIP network traffic will be increased. Both the internal network, also term Intranet, and the external […]

Misconceptions about VoIP

VoIP can save money. This may be true if you are making a great deal of long distance and international telephone calls. These calls through the traditional telephone network may have high per minute cost. If your calls are to local users or those on your system, VoIP has little to no savings on calls. […]

What is VoIP?

Note: This post plus the four to follow are reposted from December 2006. These all will deal with VoIP, what it is? How it can be used? and Things to be aware. What is VoIP? The Internet has established a lot of new things. Companies no longer have to send printed catalogs to customers. These […]

Are Your Network and Policies Ready for the Shopping Season?

Billions of dollars will be spent this holiday seasons, but do you realize that you, The Business Owner, could be losing many dollars during the season? The first work day after the Thanksgiving holiday is one the busiest day for on-line shopping. Why is this? This is the day when those who don’t have Internet […]

10 Hi-Tech Tips to consider

Small businesses need to take advantage of advances in technology. Technology can be used to increase productivity and reduce costs. It may be remote working or just the availably of instant communications. Just be prepared some of these may also place you in greater dependence of providers of hi-tech products and services to help them […]