Common Telephony Terms

Telecommunications is full of acronyms. If you don’t know what they mean not only will you be lost, you may end up making a decision based on a misunderstanding. Some acronyms just knowing what letters means explain the meaning others may need some additional explanation. Here are some common ones as they relate to your […]

Text Messaging Codes – Not For Business Use

420 – Marijuana-smoking 8 – Oral Sex Banana – Penis FB – F*** Buddy FOL – Fond of Leather GNOC – Get Naked On Cam GYPO – Get Your Pants Off IMEZRU – I Am Easy, Are You? IWSN – I Want Sex Now ILF/MD – I Love Female/Male Dominance J/O – Jerking Off KFY […]

Text Messaging Codes

Do you Text Message? Does others in your organization? Here is a list of many of the common text messaging codes. 10Q — Thank You 1DAY — One day 1ON1 — One on one 1NC — Once 2 — To/Two/Too 2DAY — Today 2bctnd — To be continued. 2d4 — To die for 2g4u — […]

Transfer is not Forward

Throughout my career I think that the two most misunderstood functions within a telephone system are Transfer and Forward. Some consider the two the same. Which of course they aren’t. In short Transfer is the act of taking a call and then transferring it to another location. This could be another extension, telephone user (inside […]

Term: Divestiture

Term: Divestiture In 1984 as a result of the antitrust trial against AT&T as a telecommunication monopoly the US Justice Department ordered that AT& be split. This resulted in the Long Distance Carrier AT&T and seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (termed RBOCs). This is known as the Divestiture of AT&T. Today the Long Distance AT&T […]

Acronym: HTML

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language.  It is used as the document format for web pages on the Internet defining page layout, fonts and graphical elements.

Proper Spelling

Recently I was asked; “What is the correction format for the shorted term for ‘electronic mail’. When asked I have to admit I didn’t know. I have seen it displayed as email, e-mail, E-Mail and E-mail, as well as others. Many times I myself have used eMail and at times E-mail. I began a search […]

Term: Customer Premise Equipment

Customer Premise Equipment This term in actuality does make some sense. It’s equipment that is located on the site of the customer (usually referenced to by the Telecommunications Carrier, Voice or Data). This could be equipment that is owned by the carrier or, more commonly, owned by the customer. Depending on who owns the equipment […]

Term: Loop Back

Loop Back This is a method of performing transmission tests on a circuit, not requiring the assistance of personnel at the distant end. This happens when a signal in sent from a central communications device (usually at the carrier’s central office) and returned to it in a way to determine correct operation of the circuit […]

Term: The Last Mile

Term: The Last Mile In very few cases the the last portion of a circuit is brought into the building by the Local Carrier. This is often termed the last mile. While they are responsible of that portion of the circuit, they are not responsible to you, but the carrier from which you ordered the […]