But all I want to do is be able to make and answer calls!

Does it really matter what kind of features you have on your telephone if you don’t know how to use them? Sometimes additional features are more of a hindrance than a benefit. What do you need to do? Many times all you need to do is be able to answer or make calls. If that […]

Telephones and Customer Service

Sometimes what may look like a nice technology advancement may in reality be a Customer Service nightmare. Whenever we use technology in business we need to relate it back to how we do business and our principles. Auto Attendant Many businesses use these. They are without an doubt a cost saver. A business doesn’t have […]

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan?

It doesn’t matter the size of a business, if a disaster happens it’s going to hurt. Having a plan may help alleviate the pain. The IT and Telecom infrastructures are a couple of the major items to consider in disaster recovery. If you lose your Internet connection or your telephones how critical is this to […]

6 Ways to a Greener Office

Use Reusable Items Use Mugs with advertising for coffee and water. Give each employee two mugs, one to use at their office workstation and another to use at home. When serving coffee to a client or prospective client give them a mug promoting your business to take with them. Read Then Print For some it […]

How Important is Technology to Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether the business is one that is highly visible to the public, such as a retail establishment or a not for profit venue, or one that is never seen by the public. One thing for certain, it’s sure to use some type of technology. There are many different forms of technology. It […]

How to Save Money on Telecomunications

After electric and fuel costs, one of the biggest cost to do business is through communications. It’s nearly impossible for a business to survive today without using telephones and a connection to the Internet. But these services aren’t cheap and it’s not hard for them to become out of control. There are ways to control […]

Have You Done One of These?

We all have been using email, the telephone and cellphones for a longtime. Some of us may not even remember a time without cellphones or email. But at times the things we use every day become so common place that we will make embarrassing mistakes. How recent have you done one of these? Or do […]

Transfer is not Forward

Throughout my career I think that the two most misunderstood functions within a telephone system are Transfer and Forward. Some consider the two the same. Which of course they aren’t. In short Transfer is the act of taking a call and then transferring it to another location. This could be another extension, telephone user (inside […]

Invoices wrong? – Be careful on how you pay.

It’s not unusual for telecommunications invoices to have errors. It is for that reason that they should be checked each month before payment is made. TEM (Technology Expense Management) vendors are always using that as a marketing tool to do it for you. As a Technology Consultant, I too believe this. One of the items […]

Google Voice Open for All

Earlier this week Google opened their Google Voice service to all. Google Voice offers a single phone number that can ring on all of a user’s phones, either all of the time or by a schedule that can be applied to each number. The service also has a voice mail box which can transcribe the […]