Social Media

Technology at a Job Interview

In today’s world we have come accustomed to having our phone with us at all times. And with that some of us do seem to be unaware of how using it at the wrong time can be bad. One of those times is during a Job Interview. When at an interview not only is is […]

Does Social Media Make Us Do Dumb Things

It seems that everyday we hear about a celebrity or society figure doing stupid things via facebook or twitter. This leads us to the question. Does social media make us do dumb things? I don’t think that it’s directly related to social media. We all do stupid things at times, but usually it’s only those […]

A Sandy Aftermath

Sandy, a storm that will go down in history, is just about over. You may have been impacted by the Hurricane, the east coast from the Carolinas to Maine. Our deepest thoughts and sympathies goes out to those in New Jersey and New York. Or the snows that have covered portions of Appalachian. For example […]

Are You on Facebook?

I’m not going to say that you should be a facebook user. But I do think that your decision should be based on a number of factors, including your time commitment, and your approach to social media in general. A recent conducted research of Co-Tweet and ExactTarget may assist in making that decision. Here are […]

Socal Media is a form of Networking

In my opinion Social Media is a form of networking. I don’t know whether anyone else has that same opinion, but it is mine. As with any type of networking you get what you put into it. Have you ever come out of a Networking Event and felt that you got nothing out of it? […]

Be a Tweep on Twitter

Twitter. I’m sure that by now you have heard about the Social Media site Twitter ( As with most everything it has a language of its own. Learn it isn’t very hard, but long time users will throw the terms out as if they have been speaking the language for years. Let’s look at some […]