Number Game

Another game of numbers continued … A party in hell

I know, you are thinking this is a technology blog, and what does all of this have to do with technology? Nothing. But since today is Sunday and not a usual workday, I thought I’d put in this additional bit of irrelevance. As I said with the last post of May, with my monthly numbers […]

Another game of numbers.

A few weeks ago we had the number event when the time and calendar read 01:02:03 04/05/06. This happened on either one of two days depending on how you use day/month/year or month/day/year. But we have another one of those number events coming up. On June 6, 2006 the calendar will be 06/06/06 and this […]

Time is only a game of numbers.

Many people play with numbers or believe that numbers are an important factor in their lives. A few weeks ago there was information going around the internet that for the only time this century the clock and calendar would line up to read 01:02:03 04/05/06. In the US this may have been true, since here […]