Creating a Greener Office

The 3 R’s – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Everything has a beginning and the simplest beginning to creating a greener office is to follow the 3 R’s. Some of the things that you can do is; Recycle toner cartridges and paper. (Shreadded paper can be recycled too). Use mugs and cups that display your logo […]

Tips to Save Gas

Gas prices seem to have stabilized and even has been on the decrease. Hopefully they won’t rise again, probably though this is wishful thinking. Here are 6 tips do to help use less gas. Don’t drive if you don’t have to. This seems obvious, but how often do we get in the car to drive […]

Office Energy Savings Tips

When looking at the standard monthly costs of many businesses, three of the areas that has a great portion of those cost are lighting, office machines and the heating and cooling (HVAC) system. Lighting: Reduce lighting. There are a couple of ways to do this, one of the best is to take advantage of natural […]

6 Ways to a Greener Office

Use Reusable Items Use Mugs with advertising for coffee and water. Give each employee two mugs, one to use at their office workstation and another to use at home. When serving coffee to a client or prospective client give them a mug promoting your business to take with them. Read Then Print For some it […]

Conserve Energy – A Top 10 List

10 Ways to Conserve Energy It doesn’t matter whether you consider Global Warming a fact or a hoax. The one thing for certain is that we do harm the environment every day. These are things we can do to not only save and conserve energy but also help the environment. 10) Follow The Three ‘R’ […]

Appliance Off – It Doesn’t Mean No Energy Used

Many modern appliances may be using as much as 15 to 30 watts when off or in Stand-by mode. Some may actually be using the same amount of energy off as they are when on. One common term for these devices is ‘energy vampires’. Stand-by power is estimated to be as much as 5 percent […]

Have You Done One of These?

We all have been using email, the telephone and cellphones for a longtime. Some of us may not even remember a time without cellphones or email. But at times the things we use every day become so common place that we will make embarrassing mistakes. How recent have you done one of these? Or do […]

Businesses – Do An Energy Audit

For most businesses their single most costly item is electric costs. There are ways to cut some of these costs. In some cases a business may have to spend some money to save. But there are ways to save on energy costs without spending a dime. By doing an Energy Audit savings can be seen […]

Standard Time and Smoke Detectors

At 2 AM on November 1, 2009 the United States will be returning to Standard Time. Please remember to set you clocks back one hour. The best time to do this is before you go to bed. This is also a recommended time to check the smoke detectors in you home. Take the time to […]

10 Ways to Conserve Energy

Recently I was invited to a 9th grade class to talk on ways to help the environment. I developed this 10 Ways list a few years ago giving ideas to conserve energy in the office. I handed it out to each of the students and the teacher with a plan to gloss over each item […]