Customer Service

How Important is Technology to Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether the business is one that is highly visible to the public, such as a retail establishment or a not for profit venue, or one that is never seen by the public. One thing for certain, it’s sure to use some type of technology. There are many different forms of technology. It […]

Hello! I’m sorry; I can’t talk right now I’m at a funeral.

It seems that when it comes to talking on their cellphone people think it’s their right to talk and use it wherever or whenever they want. But most times if you look around and think about where you are, whom you are with, or what is happening, you’d think twice about using the phone. In […]

Instant Communications is Now Possible, Is it a Good thing?

One of the biggest changes of technology over the past 25 years is now we have instant communications. 30 years ago instant communications was through the telephone. It may not have mattered where one was, a phone could easily be found. Payphones were everywhere. If you needed to ask a question of your supervisor, you […]

Socal Media is a form of Networking

In my opinion Social Media is a form of networking. I don’t know whether anyone else has that same opinion, but it is mine. As with any type of networking you get what you put into it. Have you ever come out of a Networking Event and felt that you got nothing out of it? […]

Do These Bother You Too?

E-mail has become a common office tool for communications. For some it may be their major form of communicating with clients and associates. There may even be others whose only form of communications is through e-mails. I firmly believe that Business E-mails should be treated exactly like a business letter, following the same format. Although […]

What’s Your Password?

Just about everything has a password associated with it. But many of us are not doing a good job at password creation as usage. Do you … Use the same password? Many of us create one password and use it everywhere. Once the password is discovered by a scammer/hacker then it can be used. Have […]

Have You Done One of These?

We all have been using email, the telephone and cellphones for a longtime. Some of us may not even remember a time without cellphones or email. But at times the things we use every day become so common place that we will make embarrassing mistakes. How recent have you done one of these? Or do […]

Be a Tweep on Twitter

Twitter. I’m sure that by now you have heard about the Social Media site Twitter ( As with most everything it has a language of its own. Learn it isn’t very hard, but long time users will throw the terms out as if they have been speaking the language for years. Let’s look at some […]

Social Media

In 2009 one of the new buzz words was Social Media. As we move into 2010, it doesn’t appear as if Social Media is going away. At the same time many people and businesses are trying to not only understand Social Medial, but how it will help them. Marketers are coming out of the woodwork […]

Will You Do One of These in 2009

It seems as no matter what we do to try to keep from doing something, we will end up doing one or more of these during the upcoming year. Email: Use Reply All when intending only to reply to the sender. Send a list of email address embedded within the body of the message to […]