Text Messaging Codes – Not For Business Use

420 – Marijuana-smoking 8 – Oral Sex Banana – Penis FB – F*** Buddy FOL – Fond of Leather GNOC – Get Naked On Cam GYPO – Get Your Pants Off IMEZRU – I Am Easy, Are You? IWSN – I Want Sex Now ILF/MD – I Love Female/Male Dominance J/O – Jerking Off KFY […]

Caution that bill may be just an advertisement.

The practice is not new, but there are domain-registering companies who routinely send out a document to the domain name owner, that appears as a bill to re-register your web name. It is their way of having you transfer the registration of your web address from your current register to them. In some ways this […]

Desktop Clutter

There are more things to cause desktop clutter than the items that the eye can see. There’s always the cable mess that seems to arrive with computers and other electronic items needed to perform your job. The electric cords and the large ‘bricks’ that accompany some items seem to always be in the way or […]

Hold Onto Your Laptop

Can you afford to lose your laptop? A laptop can be easily replaced. But that’s only a small part of your business. For those who use their laptop as the primary business computer it is full of important data. Does it hold your idea that is just about ready to send to the patent office? […]

Create Your Gravatar

You post a comment on a blog. Everyone else who commented has a picture of themselves or something other than a blank. This is called a gravatar. Now you may be wondering, How can I get one and how can I have it show? The following gives a very good detail procedure on how it’s […]

Strange Technology Quotes

Over the years there’s been many people have said things that if they had to say it again, they would have just kept their mouths shut. Here are some of those quotes. “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to […]

Businesses – Do An Energy Audit

For most businesses their single most costly item is electric costs. There are ways to cut some of these costs. In some cases a business may have to spend some money to save. But there are ways to save on energy costs without spending a dime. By doing an Energy Audit savings can be seen […]

Printing Tips

These are logical common sense tips to save money on your printing. Are you doing them? Don’t Print Unless Needed When you receive an email or reviewing a document, do you automatically print it to read and/or review? If the paper goes in the recycle bin shortly after being printed it’s not needed. Print Only […]

Are You Communicating Safe

One thing for certain, there are people out there trying to get your money in ways that are illegal. It even happens to business through their use of telecommunications. Here are some helpful tips to try to keep your money in your pocket. Some of these may seem like ancient history, but could still happen. […]

Some of the Social Networking Sites

While I am a firm believer in Social Media, I do not think that everyone should be using them. Nor would I think any less of you if the decision is made not to use any of them. But I do think a decision needs to be made one way or another and not just […]