Looking Ahead

As 2009 close, I am beginning to look ahead to 2010. In 2009 there were not as many new informational posting as I would have liked. I am hoping to change this in 2010. Beginning on Monday January 4th, I will be doing a set of articles on Social Media. Twitter is one of the […]

Merry Christmas

SMB Technology Tips Wishes Everyone a Happy Holidays

Northern Electric

Last week I was part of the team that put on a Trade Conference of East Coast Nortel Users. Anyone who has been following Nortel will no doubt be aware that the company is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the Enterprise Solutions (Telecom) portion of it has been auctioned off. The date for the deal […]

What Do you Carry on The Road?

Each of us have our own preference. For me I just took a week trip and the only things I took was a laptop and my cell phone. All I was really concerned with was checking for critical emails a couple of times a day. So I’m wondering what do others take on the road?

What Will You Be Watching on June 12th

This is not a trick question advertising a special TV show, but the simple fact that June 12, 2009 is the date that over the air television will stop broadcasting the analog TV signals, that have been in use since the beginning of television, and start broadcasting completely in digital. There has been many rumors […]

Do good things come to those who wait?

I once heard a story about a young girl being asked what her plans were for her future. She answered, “I’m just waiting to see what happens.” Is it wise to wait to see what happens? Not everyone can be that person who walks into a store to get a cup of coffee and decides […]

Bad Technology Habits

Talking on the cell phone at inappropriate places. People when they are having a conversation on the phone sometimes forget where they are or who may be around. The guy next to you in the grocery line, or sitting in front of you in a theater doesn’t want to hear your end of the conversation […]

10 Ways to Conserve Energy

Recently I was invited to a 9th grade class to talk on ways to help the environment. I developed this 10 Ways list a few years ago giving ideas to conserve energy in the office. I handed it out to each of the students and the teacher with a plan to gloss over each item […]

Acronym: MAC

Recently I was talking with a business owner and we were discussing how acronyms have overwhelm many of us. One of the ones discussed was MAC so I thought I would republish this tip. MAC – For many who work in Telecom and Telecommunications MAC stands for Move, Adds or Changes. It usually refers to […]

Advice for the New Year

If I had I could only give a business one piece of advice for the upcoming year, it would be to invest in a Technology Consultant. As a Technology Consultant, you may think that this is just an advertisement for my services. Maybe it is, but technology changes everyday and keeping up with those changes […]