But all I want to do is be able to make and answer calls!

Does it really matter what kind of features you have on your telephone if you don’t know how to use them? Sometimes additional features are more of a hindrance than a benefit.

What do you need to do?

Many times all you need to do is be able to answer or make calls. If that is the case all you need is a Plain Old Telephone Set.

But a question that has been raised, Is the telephone that we had when we were kids dead?

The quick answer to that is no and it may never die. Although to the home it may, but I feel this may not be for many years to come.

Why do you still need an old wired telephone in the house/off and to the telephone company?

With the common use of wireless (cellular) and internet phones many people have stopped using and turned off their house phones. What’s the danger of doing this? Your internet phone needs electric to run the under laying device for this to work. This would include the internet router as well as the modem. Once they lose power, the phone now fails to work. An old fashioned wire telephone plugged into the wall and connected to the telephone company will continue to work without power, so long as the telephone company has power and they have huge generators that will work for a long time.

What about the wireless phone? These aren’t as effected by the lost of electricity so long as you have a way to keep them charged. But there is a limit on how many concurrent telephone conversations can be held to a cellular tower. That’s why at time of extreme use, you can get a text out, but can’t make a phone call. They use different radio channels and protocols.

Also Fax Lines (although I will admit more people are not using these) and security systems don’t always work with internet (VoIP) lines.

Then there are the older generation who have not converted to internet phones nor cellular. Unless they are forced by telephone companies to change, they may never convert. And some of these people are those who simply want to make and answer calls.

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