Bad Technology Habits

Talking on the cell phone at inappropriate places
It seems that sometimes when people talking they forget where they are. Or they get so engrossed in the conversation that they don’t realize who may be near. Not only does the guy next to you in the grocery line, or sitting in front of you in a theater don’t want to hear your end of the conversation, you may not want them to hear it either.

Interrupting a conversation to answer you cellphone.
If you are talking with a client, is the caller more important than the client? Probably not. Not only is it rude, it is insulting. I don’t think that I would want to do business with someone who isn’t giving me their full attention.

Don’t use unusual ringtones
A ringing phone at the wrong time is embarrassing, but one in a business meeting that plays your favorite rock song may be worst. Also before going into a meeting set the phone on vibrate or better turn the ringer off or even the phone. See above tip.

Hiding behind Voice mail
Many people seem to hide behind voice mail. They wait for the a question to be asked in the message and then call back with the answer. Too quick on a call back makes it obvious that you hid behind the call, and too late may have lost you business. In reality this wastes everyone’s time.

Calling back a number on CallerID when a message wasn’t left in voice mail
It could have been a incorrect dialed number or the caller needed the answer at that point in time and your return call is now unwanted. It’s even possible through another means that you may have already talked with that person that called.

Constantly checking email
More time is wasted when you stop what you are doing to check your email when you hear the notification that a new message has been received and then to find that it’s an unimportant message or worst a piece of Spam. It’s better to check them in batches than when each mail is delivered. Turn off notification and build into your schedule email time. You will be more productive.

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