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Common Telephony Terms

Telecommunications is full of acronyms. If you don’t know what they mean not only will you be lost, you may end up making a decision based on a misunderstanding. Some acronyms just knowing what letters means explain the meaning others may need some additional explanation. Here are some common ones as they relate to your […]

Spring Ahead, to Fall back!

Once again, as it does every year just like Christmas and Tax day, Daylight Saving Time begins. For those who don’t know the rhyme we spring ahead, in other words set the clock forward one hour, in the spring and fall backward, set the clock time back one hour, in the fall. In 2005 President […]

Things to Know About Web Sites

Have one. It’s been said here as well as many other places, every business should have some type of Web presence. For some they may not want or need a full featured site but just a listing with the basic Who you are, What items or services you provide, Where you operate and How to […]

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan?

It doesn’t matter the size of a business, if a disaster happens it’s going to hurt. Having a plan may help alleviate the pain. The IT and Telecom infrastructures are a couple of the major items to consider in disaster recovery. If you lose your Internet connection or your telephones how critical is this to […]

Be Safe on the Information Highway

While we are on the Internet, either doing business or for fun, I’m sure the question has come to mind, How safe am I? To put it bluntly, as safe as you want to be. In some ways you could compare the Internet to walking the streets in a big city. Most of the time, […]

Accidental Discoveries can become Big Inventions

Sometimes when trying to do one thing another completely different item will turn up. Here are 10 accidental discoveries that many of us would not want to do without. One day in the 1940’s while George de Mestral, a Swiss inventor, was walking his dog he noticed that his pants got covered with cockleburs. When […]

Use Your Email Signature to Promote your Business

Small Businesses usually have very little money for advertising, but one of the simplest way to get free advertising is to use your email Signature. A simple email Signature will have your Name, Title and Company name such as; Steven G. Atkinson Owner/Chief Consultant, E/S Technology Consulting But it should have a lot more. Let […]

Do They Know Your Web Address?

A few years ago the question was, “Do I need a website?” While there was a time it was considered an added feature, in today’s business climate, it should be considered a necessity. The question today should be; ‘Do they know my website’s out there?’ Anyone who goes under the impression, “build it and they […]

Office Energy Savings Tips

When looking at the standard monthly costs of many businesses, three of the areas that has a great portion of those cost are lighting, office machines and the heating and cooling (HVAC) system. Lighting: Reduce lighting. There are a couple of ways to do this, one of the best is to take advantage of natural […]

6 Ways to a Greener Office

Use Reusable Items Use Mugs with advertising for coffee and water. Give each employee two mugs, one to use at their office workstation and another to use at home. When serving coffee to a client or prospective client give them a mug promoting your business to take with them. Read Then Print For some it […]