Are Your Network and Policies Ready?

Billions of dollars will be spent this holiday seasons, but do you realize that you, The Business Owner, could be losing many dollars during the season?

The first work day after the Thanksgiving holiday is one the busiest day for on-line shopping.

Why is this?
This is the day when those who don’t have Internet access or even High-Speed Internet access at home will log onto on-line stores to get he best and earliest deals.

Do you have an Internet Policy?
Some employees may spend the majority of that day on-line doing their shopping while you are paying them. By having a policy in place they will be know what is expected of them.

It could be a nice employee perk to allow them some time to do their shopping. Either allow them a set time period while they are on the clock or let them use the company’s Internet while on their time. A little good will towards the employee goes a long way.

Ignoring the potential problem, will only create more problems. If every computer on your system is doing heavy Internet shopping, it could be putting a lot of burden on your system causing slow-downs on the system. Are you using VoIP? The added network traffic for shopping could be causing a problem with voice communications.

Being aware of a problem could keep you from having bigger problems.

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