A Sandy Aftermath

Sandy, a storm that will go down in history, is just about over. You may have been impacted by the Hurricane, the east coast from the Carolinas to Maine. Our deepest thoughts and sympathies goes out to those in New Jersey and New York. Or the snows that have covered portions of Appalachian.

For example in my state of residence, Maryland, there has been damage to Ocean City, which is on the Atlantic Ocean, and Crisfield, on the Chesapeake Bay. Both of these towns have had issues with flooding. In the western part of the State, in the Appalachian Mountains, experienced Blizzard conditions with one area getting nearly 30 inches of snow.

But now it’s time to get back to business. One of the thing that business owners can do is to work with their employees in getting their affairs in order. The sooner that they can set their minds at ease the sooner they can turn their attention fully back to work.

Let your customers know how you are doing by using your Social Media, email list and any other means you have in communicating with them.

Don’t forget to document your cleanup efforts. Theses may be needed later for insurance or other purposes.

The Washington Post has published a list of resources where small businesses can look for help. (Website)

Wishing all of those who have been impacted by Sandy good luck in a quick recovery.

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