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Tips to Save Gas

Gas prices seem to have stabilized and even has been on the decrease. Hopefully they won’t rise again, probably though this is wishful thinking. Here are 6 tips do to help use less gas. Don’t drive if you don’t have to. This seems obvious, but how often do we get in the car to drive […]

Picking Your Domain Name

Amazingly I find that many small businesses still do not have an online presence and some of those who do are using shared sites such as weebly, BraveNet and Yola. Having your own Domain Name is best. Unless you have an unusual business name it’s quite possible that you may not be able to register […]

Instant Communications – Good or Bad?

One of the biggest changes of technology over the past 25 years is now we have instant communications. 30 years ago instant communications was through the telephone. It may not have mattered where one was, a phone could easily be found. Payphones were everywhere. If you needed to ask a question of your supervisor, you […]