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Are You Communicating Safe

One thing for certain, there are people out there trying to get your money in ways that are illegal. It even happens to business through their use of telecommunications. Here are some helpful tips to try to keep your money in your pocket. Some of these may seem like ancient history, but could still happen. […]

Some of the Social Networking Sites

While I am a firm believer in Social Media, I do not think that everyone should be using them. Nor would I think any less of you if the decision is made not to use any of them. But I do think a decision needs to be made one way or another and not just […]

Social Media

In 2009 one of the new buzz words was Social Media. As we move into 2010, it doesn’t appear as if Social Media is going away. At the same time many people and businesses are trying to not only understand Social Medial, but how it will help them. Marketers are coming out of the woodwork […]