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Acronym: HTML

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language.  It is used as the document format for web pages on the Internet defining page layout, fonts and graphical elements.

Acronym: LNP

LNP – Local Number Portability This was defined in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as the “ability of users of telecommunications services to retain, at the same location, existing telecommunications numbers without impairment of quality, reliability, or convenience when switching from one telecommunications carrier to another.” In short allowing one to move their existing number […]

Proper Spelling

Recently I was asked; “What is the correction format for the shorted term for ‘electronic mail’. When asked I have to admit I didn’t know. I have seen it displayed as email, e-mail, E-Mail and E-mail, as well as others. Many times I myself have used eMail and at times E-mail. I began a search […]

All Business Communications are Not Equal

At one time it was simple to communication with another business associate. To have a conversation with them, you called their office telephone number and talked over the phone. If a written proposal was needed, you sent it through the mail. As technology changed, some of these changed as well. To have the proposal delivered, […]

Using IM in Business

Instant Messaging is not new. In the early days of the Internet revolution it was used as a way for people all over the world to talk to one another with out having to use the telephone and the costs associated with those calls. It was free and easy. But because of the perceived ills […]

Create an IM policy

It doesn’t matter whether you use Instant Messaging in your business or not, there should be a policy relating to its use. Without a policy, the employees don’t know the company’s feeling s about it, and will often make their own decisions on if and how it’s used. Having a policy in place will not […]