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IM for Business? Why Not?

There are plenty of ways to instantly get in touch with someone. You can use the telephone to call someone. You can send an email. But are you using Instant Messaging as part of your normal business practice. Instant Messaging or IM has been popular for years with the younger generation. At first it was […]

Term: Customer Premise Equipment

Customer Premise Equipment This term in actuality does make some sense. It’s equipment that is located on the site of the customer (usually referenced to by the Telecommunications Carrier, Voice or Data). This could be equipment that is owned by the carrier or, more commonly, owned by the customer. Depending on who owns the equipment […]

Has Common Sense Been Replaced by Rushing?

It’s a hectic run here, go there, do that, type world that many small businesses enjoy. I know we don’t enjoy it but it seems to be the way of life. Because of all our rushing to get work accomplished or be at our child’s events, sometimes it appears as if common sense is left […]

Acronym: RBOC

ROBC – Regional Bell Operating Company. With the divesture of ATT in 1984, seven regional companies, also called “Baby Bells” were formed to supply local telephone service with ATT as the Long-Distance Carrier. These seven companies were; Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis (also known as Pacific Bell), Southwestern Bell and US West. Not […]

Office Email Tips

For most of us we will send one, or a hundred, emails a day. Following these tips may help eliminate some common mistakes. This has been posted before, but I’ve added some things since that original post. Enter the addresses after the message is composed. Many messages are sent before they are finished. Waiting to […]

Term: Loop Back

Loop Back This is a method of performing transmission tests on a circuit, not requiring the assistance of personnel at the distant end. This happens when a signal in sent from a central communications device (usually at the carrier’s central office) and returned to it in a way to determine correct operation of the circuit […]

Things to do When You Get a New Computer

1) Create an Administrators and a Users account. Use the user account for normal work and only use the Administrators account when required. Each of these accounts needs a password and that they should not be the same. 2) Remove any preinstalled trial software. Many systems will come with trail versions of games and othe […]

Acronyms – What do they mean?

Many times just knowing what the acronym means gives one an idea of its purpose and how it’s used. Here is a list of some telecommunications acronyms. Telephony Acronyms: ACD (Automatic Call Director) CDR (Call Detail Recording) CLID (Calling Line IDentifaction) CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit) DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) ISDN (Integrated Services […]