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Inventory Control – Do You Know What You Have?

Over time it’s amazing to see how much technology equipment a business can purchase. Do you know everything that you have? Do you know how old it is? Do you have a maintenance contract on something you took out of service months ago? These are all valid question, and some of you may be surprised […]

Term: The Last Mile

Term: The Last Mile In very few cases the the last portion of a circuit is brought into the building by the Local Carrier. This is often termed the last mile. While they are responsible of that portion of the circuit, they are not responsible to you, but the carrier from which you ordered the […]

Acronym: DNIS

DNIS – Dialed Number Identification Service This telecommunications feature delivers the telephone number that the caller dialed to the answering point. It’s a common feature used with 800 numbers. It can work by passing touch-tones digits or data information to equipment on the receiving end and can display the called number to an answering clerk, […]