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Term: Meta Tag

Meta Tag This is a HTML element that can provide information about the web page. At one time these tags were highly used by search engines, however abuses in the use of some of these tags has decreased their importance. It still is recommended that the Title and Description Meta tags should be used.

Acronym: MPOP

MPOP – Minimum Point of Presence. I’ve also seen it listed as Minimum Point of Penetration. This is the point where a telecommunication provider will deliver their service. In most residential services this point is outside of the house at a NID (Network Interface Device)., Many times in Multi-family complexes such as apartments it may […]

Term: Multiplexing

The process of combining a number of individual channels into a common stream for transmission.

What Will You Be Watching on June 12th

This is not a trick question advertising a special TV show, but the simple fact that June 12, 2009 is the date that over the air television will stop broadcasting the analog TV signals, that have been in use since the beginning of television, and start broadcasting completely in digital. There has been many rumors […]