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Maintaining Pace with Technology – Have a Plan

Technology is ever changing. It may not be as bad as it was in the late 90′s when you would purchase one of the first off the assembly line only to find that it already was obsolete. Even with the slow down it’s still nearly impossible to keep pace with technology. One of the things […]

Flat Screen TV Safety

Reports are showing that as more families are replacing their old tube TVs with flat screens, more children are being injured by having them fall on them. Flat screens TVs and monitors are also releasing tube devices in the offices Flat screen TVs are lighter than tube TVs of the same size. Most of their […]

Acronym: TN

This one isn’t easy. A lot of it may depend on the reason it is being used. In many cases it stands for Telephone Number. If working with a multiplex it could mean Time slot Number. If using a Nortel PBX it stands for Terminal Number. It could also be used to mean Telecommunications Network […]

Social Networking in Your Business

Whether Social Networking is part of your Business Plan or not, there’s a good chance that it is being used in your office. Facebook is growing. However, it no longer is the haven for college students and teens. Reports show that a majority of the new accounts being established on Facebook are by older people. […]