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Do good things come to those who wait?

I once heard a story about a young girl being asked what her plans were for her future. She answered, “I’m just waiting to see what happens.” Is it wise to wait to see what happens? Not everyone can be that person who walks into a store to get a cup of coffee and decides […]

Secure data on removal devices.

Removable USB drives makes it easy to move data from one PC to another and to keep backups at another location. But because of their size they are also easy to misplace and lost. If it happens to have all of your private data on it, all of a sudden someone else now has that […]

Where Are Your Contacts?

For many their business life blood is based on their contacts telephone numbers and email addresses. Where do you have those numbers stored? Is it on your cell phone/PDA/Blackberry? If that’s the only place you have them it’s time to back-up and place them in alternative locations. Portable devices whether it’s a cellphones or a […]