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Term: DESI Strip

DESI Strip This is the indicator device (in older systems usually a piece of paper) informing the user of the function of a button on a telephone. Short for DESIgnation Strip. Typical usage are telephone number or extension, Call Forward, Transfer, Release (RLS). When a technician informs someone that they are to ‘DESI the phone’ […]

A Free Source of Advertising

Is there anything better than free advertising? If you are like me the answer is a resounding NO. Followed by the question, How do I get it? The simple answer is Google Maps. One of the options (search term) on Google Maps is a business search. So let’s say you are looking for a barber […]

Acronym: MAC

Recently I was talking with a business owner and we were discussing how acronyms have overwhelm many of us. One of the ones discussed was MAC so I thought I would republish this tip. MAC – For many who work in Telecom and Telecommunications MAC stands for Move, Adds or Changes. It usually refers to […]

Will You Do One of These in 2009

It seems as no matter what we do to try to keep from doing something, we will end up doing one or more of these during the upcoming year. Email: Use Reply All when intending only to reply to the sender. Send a list of email address embedded within the body of the message to […]

Nortel Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Here are a few articles on the filing. Nortel’s Press Release: Some News Reports: Once I have a chance to digest the information I will be commenting on the event.

Plan to Keep Pace with Technology Changes

Even in the current recession one thing for certain is that Technology is ever changing. It’s much slower than it was in the late 90s when the first one off of the assembly line was already obsolete. Even with the slow down it’s still nearly impossible to keep pace with technology, especially when the revenue […]

Technology Pet Peeve

Everyone will agree that technology has been a benefit in helping the business person get the job done. But many may be using the technology inappropriately or using it at an inappropriately time, place or way. Many of my tips over the years have been those gentle reminders on the proper or most considerate way […]

Important Technology Shows in January

In recent years the first couple of weeks in January have featured a couple of big technology shows. This year is no different, however the shows themselves are a little different. Beginning this past Monday, the 5th, MacWorld Expo occurring in San Francisco, CA is going on as I write this. The show ends on […]

Advice for the New Year

If I had I could only give a business one piece of advice for the upcoming year, it would be to invest in a Technology Consultant. As a Technology Consultant, you may think that this is just an advertisement for my services. Maybe it is, but technology changes everyday and keeping up with those changes […]

False eMail Regarding Cellphones and Telemarketers

I have heard that there is an email being circulated claiming that in a few days cellphone numbers will be released to telemarketers (or that they were released on the first) and that to prevent getting calls from them you should register your number on the Do Not Call list. Some of the email is […]