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Term: PIC Freeze

A PIC freeze is a request to the local carrier that in most cases will prevent the long distance service from being changed to another, usually unauthorized, carrier without written notice from the consumer. A situation call Slamming occurs when an authorized person changes long distance service, often to one that cost more. PIC – […]

Term:Night and Weekend

Term:Night and Weekend A time of day term used by cellular carrier for times when rates are reduced and in many case free and unlimited. The time of the beginning of the Night varies from carrier to carrier, so it’s good to understand when this time starts. A carrier that begins their night rates earlier […]

How much does that call cost?

Probably more than you realize. The cost of per minute charges from telephone carriers may be low, but you can’t just say it only cost a few cents for your employee to have a personal telephone call. While the employee is on the telephone they are still on the payroll. You may be paying a […]