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Acronym: DS0 – DS1 – DS2 – DS3

DS0 – Digital Signal Level Zero. This is a single digital data channel of 64 Kilobytes per second. DS1 – Digital Signal level One. This is a signaling scheme of 24 DS0 channels. It is also commonly called a T1 circuit. DS2 – Digital Signal Level Two. This is a signaling scheme equal to 4 […]

What the Kindle?

Disclaimer: This is a Commentary/Promotion and not a Review The title of this should probably be What is the Kindle?, but it sounded better as is. Some of you may have noticed that for the past few months I have had a graphic and link to Amazon for their new Kindle as an advertiser. And […]

Acronym: CSR

CSR – Customer Service Record A document that details service configuration and monthly recurring service billing. Many times it is filled with codes that also may need to be defined to allow the customer to fully understand the document. This document is a valuable tool in ensuring that the customer is receiving and paying for […]

Does your number mean anything?

Depending on what type of business that you are in may depend on what type of telephone number you have. If you are a business with most of your customers and clients located in your local area, you don’t want to have a telephone number that is based in another town or over 100 miles […]

Is There A Cell Phone Directory?

Every few months I will either receive or be handed an email with the announcement that cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketers or that they will be released into a cell phone directory. While there are some who would enjoy that possibly of cell phones being part of a directory, at this point […]