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Tips for a successful conference calls

1) Reserve the conference facilities to begin about 5 minutes before the scheduled time and hold it for 30 minutes longer than the estimated time required. The leader of the call (this does not have to be the one running the meeting) should arrive first to welcome the participants as they arrive. 2) Begin the […]

How much of your technology costs are wasted?

Technology is an ever-changing item within a business. It’s unfortunately a common occurrence for something to be purchased and never used, or not used effectively. The key to keeping a technology budget in check is to keep those wastes to a minimum. One of the biggest wastes occurs when a business purchases expensive services or […]

Backup Data and Store at a Separate Location.

No matter how new or old your computer system may be, it is possible for it to fail. It’s bad enough that it may fail and you need to have it repaired, but if that failure occurs in the hard drive, where your data it stored, you could lose that data. The solution. Backup your […]

Acronym: PIC

PIC – Primary Interexchange Carrier.  Each Long Distance carrier have their own code that tell the local carrier to whose system the long distance call should be sent.  This code is called the PIC Code, sometimes, PICC. A PIC freeze can be requested to the local carrier.  This service will prevent the long distance service […]