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Slam, Cram and Scam

Does it ever seem as if there’s always someone trying to get your money? Even in telecommunications it’s that way. Some people may be trying to get your money to help your business, such as consultants, while others are nothing more than crooks trying to steal. Here are some helpful tips to try to keep […]

Music on Hold – Is yours legal?

Music-on-hold (MoH) has been around so long that it has almost become a given that when you place your callers on hold they should hear something other than silence. If nothing else it gives the caller the sense that they haven’t been disconnected while they wait. Many businesses have MoH. It’s easy to add to […]

Six Things to Do to Keep the PC Running Smoothly

1) Have the right software installed. Every computer will come with the operating system installed. The first ones to install now would be Anti-virus, firewall and ones that will protect you from ad-ware and spy-ware. After those it’s time to determine what other software you need to do your work. 2) Keep the operating system […]

Things to Consider When Developing a Web Site

An Internet website is an important tool for a business. It gives the casual shopper a chance to see and understand the services you provide even before they contact you. The website should be considered as part of an advertising budget. That’s what it does, helps advertise your business. It doesn’t have to cost a […]

Acronym: BTN

BTN: Billing Telephone Number. Telecommunications carrier will issue their invoice against one customer telephone number. This number is called the Billing Telephone Number. For most businesses this number will be their main number, but is generally the first number that the business received from the Operating Company. A possible exception would be if the business […]

Battery Restrictions at Airports

Beginning on January 1, 2008, a new policy went into effect at United States airports. Lithium based batteries will no longer be allowed in checked baggage unless they are already installed in electronic devices. Nearly every current computer laptop batteries as well as some used for cell phone, cameras and other devices use lithium batteries. […]