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New Gadget – What Should You Do?

At the end of the year and after the Holiday season, there’s a good chance of there being a new electronic device. Whether it’s a new computer, or a cell phone, MP3 player or even a video game system for the kids there are a few things that you should do. Register the Product with […]

VoIP and IP Security

A VoIP system could face the same type of problems as the data network. This includes VoIP versions of spam, phishing, and denial of service attacks. These attacks could take down the network and telephone system for hours. Calls could be intercepted divulging company secrets or client information. The threats to a VoIP system are […]

Happy Holidays to You

On this the day before Christmas, I want to take a short break and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. For those have other beliefs, to you I Wish a Happy Holiday. There are two more segments remaining of my VoIP piece. These will be posted later this week with one on Wednesday and the final […]

Questions to ask when considering VoIP

It may at first seem natural to move to VoIP. It seems as if everyone is saying it’s the way to go. But there are some things to consider before making the move. How robust is your network? With VoIP network traffic will be increased. Both the internal network, also term Intranet, and the external […]

Misconceptions about VoIP

VoIP can save money. This may be true if you are making a great deal of long distance and international telephone calls. These calls through the traditional telephone network may have high per minute cost. If your calls are to local users or those on your system, VoIP has little to no savings on calls. […]

What is VoIP?

Note: This post plus the four to follow are reposted from December 2006. These all will deal with VoIP, what it is? How it can be used? and Things to be aware. What is VoIP? The Internet has established a lot of new things. Companies no longer have to send printed catalogs to customers. These […]

The eMail Signature – Use it to Promote

Small Businesses usually have very little money for advertising, but one of the simplest way to get free advertising is to use your eMail Signature. A simple eMail Signature will have your Name, Title and Company name such as; Steven G. Atkinson Owner/Chief Consultant, E/S Technology Consulting But it should have a lot more. Let […]

Acronym: DNS

DNS – Domain Name System. This is a system that translates the Domain Name (such as to the  Internet Protocol address (such as 17.254,3.183) of the site.  The Internet browser sends a request to the nearest DNS server, locates the correct IP address for “”.  The computer then attempts to connect to the server […]

Is VoIP the Right Fit for Small & Mid-size Business

If you are one that wants to be first in line to use any new technology, does it really matter what people say or think? You are going to use it. There are others who won’t adapt or migrate until everything is perfect. Since rarely is everything perfect, they will always have an excuse. VoIP […]