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2007 marks a time of change for Daylight Saving Time

Prior to this year the last Sunday in October was that date that Daylight Saving Time ended. Starting this year it will be the first Sunday in November. *Republished from Spring 2007 For those who don’t know the rhyme we spring ahead an hour in the spring and fall backward one hour, in the fall. […]

Got iPhone Envy, But Don’t Use AT&T

LG has announced a touch screen phone, the LG Voyager. It will be availale on the VerizonWireless network The LG Voyager is the successor of the enV VX9900. It has a 320 x 240 pixels touch-sensitive display with a clamshell that opens in landscape orientation to reveal the display, stereo speakers and QWERTY for messaging. […]

Apple’s iPod Touch is not simply a phone less iPhone

When first hearing about Apple’s new iPod Touch, my first reaction was that they were releasing an iPhone without the phone. It looks like an iPhone has many of the same features, like built in WiFi and iTunes. What I have now discovered, thankfully before I purchased one, it’s really is nothing more than an […]