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Saving Energy and using Technology

Energy costs are rising. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the price of gas or electric. One thing that we all know is that using technology also uses energy. If it doesn’t run directly off of electricity it runs off of a battery that needs to be charged.Here are some things you can do to help […]

Acronym: LEC, ILEC and CLEC

LEC – Local Exchange Carrier. This is the company that supplies service to your local location. On top of this there are CLEC and the lesser used ILEC. CLEC is Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. Most locations in the US have their local service by one of the original Bell Operating companies. These companies are also […]

10 things to do to help secure your data

Here are 10 tips to assist you in securing your data. 1) Back up early and often – do it, as you are working as well as the end of the day. 2) Use file-level and share-level security – This helps keeps others away from your data. 3) Password-protect documents – Many programs allow this, […]