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Technology Panic

In 1938 the radio was a fairly new invention and not in too many homes. But on October 30 there was a wave of mass hysteria that seized thousands of radio listeners between 8:15 and 9:30 o’clock. It was that night that the dramatization of H. G. Wells’s fantasy, “The War of the Worlds,” led […]

Sony battery recall reaches 9.6 million

This story seems as if it won’t go away. I first posted about the Sony battery recall in mid-August when I did a post dealing with battery safety. Since then I’ve done I think 3 updates on the Sony recall. I have wondered during the time why Sony who uses their batteries in their […]

More News from the Sony Battery Front

Sony has had a lot of recent problems with batteries that they have manufactured for use in laptop computer. The latest word is that they will conduct their own replacement program. They have said that they are planning a worldwide program to replace batteries that use certain Lithium-Ion cells. Sony says that microscopic particles in […]