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The times they are a falling

Ok that’s a bad pun on the time of the year using the idea from lyrics of a Bob Dylan song. Once again another month has come to an end, as has another summer when fall, or autum, began. September has also been a bit busy for me as you can see from the quantity […]

More laptop batteries made by Sony are recalled.

Toshiba has joined Dell and Apple Computers in a recall of batteries made by Sony.  They have recalled 340,000 batteries. Unlike the batteries in the Dell and Apple laptops that could cause injury due to possible fires caused by overheated lithuim/Ion batteries, the batteries recalled by Toshiba will sometimes run out of power.  So far […]

A delay of post and promotions of others

For those of you who may be regulars as well as new viewers, I am sorry about the fact that almost the entire week has gone by without a post.  I have been trying in the past to do two at least posts a week, but I simply have not had the chance to pur […]

IRS Announces Standard Amounts for Individual Refunds on the discontinued Telephone Federal Excise Tax (FET)

Three months after the United States Department of Treasury announced that they would no longer collect the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on Long-Distance telephone calls, the IRS announced the Standard Amounts that Individuals will be able to request. The standard amounts will enable individual taxpayers to not have to dig through old phone bills back […]