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It’s my blog and I’ll post as I want to

The title of this post is suppose to be a take off on the old Lesley Gore song ‘It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want to’. Not sure if it registered to some of you, but that’s my story. Another month is coming to and end as is the the summer of 2006. […]

A few updates – Batteries, FET Tax Refund and Pluto

Since I’ve written some of my posts additional information has come up. I wrote about batteries a couple of days ago and since I wrote that post Apple Computer has decided to join Dell in the recall of some Sony manufactured portable computer batteries. All of the batteries recalled are Lithium/Ion. And I’ve learned […]

This just in – There’s only 8 planets

The old saying “One thing for certain, things will change” is now confirmed.  One of the things that I learned in school, many years ago was that there were 9 planets in the solar system.  Well, I guess I now need to unlearn a few things since the body meeting to discuss planets and such […]

The Death of the CRT – Part 2

A while ago I published a post relating to the death of the CRT. It was written in reaction to Apple Computer discontinuing their last CRT system. You can read the post here, I’ve just read a report talking about the sales of LCD televisions. In the second quarter of 2006 LCD TVs accounted […]

Should You Be Concerned about Batteries?

If you look around, you may be amazed with the amount of equipment that uses batteries. They are in things as small as Remote Controls and as life saving as Fire detectors. But how safe are we from batteries. Recently Dell computer has recalled batteries in some of their portable computers. The batteries overheat and […]

What is Telecommunications?

Telecommunications as a word has its basics in greek. It’s a combination of tele which means ‘Far Off’ and Communications which is an ‘exchange of information’. In its simplest terms a far off exchange of information. Early forms of telecommunication include smoke signals and drums. Drums were used by natives in Africa, New Guinea and […]