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VerizonWireless to change policy on termination fees.

Have you read the fine print of your wireless phone contact, or maybe I should say read the contact in general? All carriers have a clause detailing an early termination fee (ETF). I was told once that one of the reasons for this fee dealt with the value of the device that was sold/given to […]

Nortel announce plans

Nortel announced that they as a measure “to increase competitiveness by improving operating margins and overall business performance” they are changing the North American pension plans programs and cut as many as 1100 positions. As quoted by Mike Zafirovski, Nortel president and CEO., “I am confident in the progress we are making in turning around […]

How’s your consumer service?

AOL has gotten a bad press lately due to a recording or a consumer trying to cancel their service. Comcast has fired a service tech for taking a nap on a consumer’s couch while waiting for over an hour for assistance. From his own company. Granted he shouldn’t have been sleeping, but don’t you […]

Cellphone users shouldn’t talk during a storm

Believe it or not, several people have been struck by lightning around the world, while talking on their cell phone. A few countries are now recommending that people do not talk on their phones outside during a lightning storm. Many people do not realize that their cellphone is a metalic object. Also lightning will tend […]

FCC to add VoIP to USF and increase USF fees of cellphones

Section 254 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 authorized the Universal Service Fund (USF). The fund is to be used preserve and advance universal service throughout the county by subsidizing phone service and for paying for programs to connect schools and libraries to the Internet. On June 21, 2006 the FCC adopted a new approach […]

How to protect yourself from Identity Theft

It’s bad enough that at times companies we do business may compromise our personal data, but what is worst, sometimes we are the ones that does the damage to ourselves. There are things you can do to help protect yourself wherever you may be. At Home Keep your personal information safe. Don’t carry your social […]

Does someone know more about you than you do?

It’s scary. It seems as if just about everyday we are hearing about someone or some organization losing data about us. But the real scary part is that these reports aren’t about lost or thief that just happened, but ones that happened many months ago. If you are a Vet, your personal information may be […]

What technology does my business need?

Today while searching for some information I found a May 15, 2006 article by Ramon Ray on The article details six things you must have to suceed. 1) Computers 2) Data Security 3) High Speed Internet 4) Website 5) E-mail using business name 6) Local Technology Consultant All of those items are important, but […]

Whose number is it?

Business uses a multitude of tools to get their work done. It doesn’t matter whether you have a product or a service, all business have to sell. There are plenty of “cost to do business” items to get this done. Most businesses would never dream of allowing their employees to own or control important sales […]

Have your Mac and PC it, too

To quite a few, it was a shock and even to others a betrayal when on June 6, 2005 Apple Computer announced that they would be switching from the IBM PowerPC microprocessor that they had been using for their computers since 1994, to an Intel processor. It wasn’t a betrayal because they were switching processors, […]