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Time is only a game of numbers.

Many people play with numbers or believe that numbers are an important factor in their lives. A few weeks ago there was information going around the internet that for the only time this century the clock and calendar would line up to read 01:02:03 04/05/06. In the US this may have been true, since here […]

How important are your contacts?

For many their life blood is based on their contacts and their telephone numbers. Where do you have those numbers stored? If it’s only on your cell phone it’s probably a good idea to back-up those numbers. In an article by Grace Aquino of PC World, she gives good advice on how this can be […]

Can Cell Phones cause fires at gas pumps?

Recently I received an email stating that the Shell Oil Company issued a warning that they had confirmed incidents of cell phones causing fires at gas pumps. I wondered about this so I started to do a little research to see whether it was true. At the end of that email was reference for additional […]

Can we tape?

There are federal and state statutes which govern the use of electronic recording equipment. The unlawful use can result in a civil suit by the “injured” party, but there also could be criminal prosecution. This site made for journalists, give good information on some of the legal aspects of recording telephone calls.

Telecommunications and telephone privacy rights.

Recently while searching for information on workplace privacy, I came upon a site called Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. This page deals directly with telecommunications and telephone privacy rights. Some of the items that they have fact sheets on are: • Wireless Communications: Voice and Data Privacy. • Hang Up on Harassment: Dealing with Cellular Phone Abuse. […]

Is your virus software up to date?

Last week I listed five things that you should be doing, but may not be. This week I’ll give additional detail on them. Even though it was second on the list, I’m going to start with the virus detection software. Email viruses have been running on a up and down cycle for some time now. […]

When the children take over the Ma! or How the telecom companies grow!

Are the current treads of telecom mergers good for the future of telecommunication? Once upon a time whenever one wanted to communicate with someone else on the other end of the country, a telephone was picked up, dialed a number, just one number to reach an operator. It was a nice friendly voice on the […]

National Telecommunicator’s Week 2006 is April 10-16

Each year, the second week of April, this year April 10-16, is dedicated to the men and women who serve as Telecommunications Officers. Not many are aware of Congress’ Formal Proclamation in October 1991 to recognize this week as National Telecommunicator’s Week. In 2007 the week honored is April  9-15. Those who perform telecommunications duties […]

Ask me how I like my Cellphone?

The Associated Press recently did a poll of a little over 1200 cellphone users. The results of the poll can be found here; Washington Post Article (Free Registration). The majority of those responding to the poll like technology, but most could live without their cellphone. Many though would miss it. Features, such as Video Games, […]